Can I remove line item pricing per deficiency on my inspection and repair proposals?

Yes, you can remove line item pricing on your inspection reports as well as your repair proposals. In order to create "Lump Sum" pricing on your proposals, follow these steps below:


Enter into the company and property record that you are creating the proposal for:




Click on the client view mode button:




Click on the cog icon to enter into edit mode (if not already):




Once in edit mode, your report options will appear. Check the box for "Lump Sum." This will remove the line item costs for each deficiency in your proposal. We would also recommend to remove the budget matrix in your report to eliminate the summary page at the end of your report that breaks down each deficiency cost. Select "No" to do this:




Click the "Update Report Options" button to save your changes:




Once your changes are saved, you can now regenerate a PDF of your inspection report or repair proposal to see your changes on your finalized proposal. 


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