How do I merge two properties into one?

Begin by clicking into the company record that has the properties you want to merge together. In the example below, FCS Property 3 is going to be combined with FCS Property 2.


On the right hand side of the property list, you will see a blue link that says "Merge Properties." Click that button.


Follow the instructions that pop up above the property list.


First, select the property you want to be combined with the receiving property. In this example, FCS Property 3 will be merged into FCS Property 2, so only FCS Property 2 will remain after the merge. Keep in mind, all history currently stored in FCS property 3, such as service dispatch history, inspection data, and contact information will be carried over to FCS property 2, once the merge is complete. Additionally, the first property aerial will be lost, and the second property aerial will always remain. Meaning the aerial for the remaining property will always be used. You will lose the aerial for the first property being merged into the remaining property. 

To merge the property, click the red house icon next to the property. After clicking the red house, you will now see that the house icon has been removed next to that property, and the remaining properties should now have a blue house next to them.


Now click the blue house next to the property that you want to remain after the merge. In this example, the blue house next to FCS Property 2. After a short loading time, you will notice that the red house property has now been removed from the property list, and only the blue house property remains, FCS Property 2.


After the merge, click into the remaining property record, and click the notes tab.  Here you will see a note and confirmation that the two properties were combined.





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