Filtering Your Prospects by ZIP Code Radius

Filtering Your Prospects by ZIP Code Radius

You can filter your prospects, candidates, and/or clients by a ZIP code radius. This is a great feature to use for an email campaign after a storm occurs in a certain area.


Step 1

First, enter into your Contacts and select Prospects.




Step 2

Select the Funnel icon to expand your filter options.




Step 3

Use the "ZIP Code" and "Radius" fields to filter your prospects. Select the filter button to complete.




Step 4

Once filtered, you can notice your results in the upper right hand corner.




Step 5

Select the checkbox above the first record to select all of your results. From here, you can mass delete (red X), bulk add activities (calendar), print list (printer), mass email (envelope), export to excel (excel icon), or map out the records (US map).




If these features are not available for you, contact your system administrator or FCS account manager to ensure that your company has the Sales Pro Package.


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