Performing a Qwikbid from a desktop interface

Yes! FCS has the ability to create a Qwikbid from the comfort of your desktop instead of creating a Qwikbid from the Mobile application. Here's how...


In order to create a qwikbid style proposal for your customer, you will first need to locate and enter into the company/property record. Once here, launch the Client View mode.



Once here, make sure that your Type is set to Proposal under Report Options. (Note - You must be in edit mode to see report options)




Locate and click into the Roof Repairs tab.




The system will launch a new browser tab that will have all of your active deficiencies in a list view. To the left of each deficiency, you will see a checkbox. Select the checkbox next to the deficiencies that you would like to include in your proposal.




Once all your deficiencies have been selected, choose the option to Send unsigned copy of proposal and submit to your customer.




Once submitted, you can find a copy of your proposal inside of the historical Notes tab.




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