How to add an image to a document template

The steps listed below will show you how to add an image into a document, from the documents tab. 

First, make sure you have the image you want to insert saved on your computer.

A best practice would be to create a holding company and property to store your document template images. Once completed, head to the property record you created. From there, click the "add document" icon in the upper right of the property record. See below.




Fill out the "add document" box that appears, to title and categorize your image.  Click the "choose file" button to insert the image. See an example below. 




Next, click on the "cloud box" icon to access the image that was just uploaded. Then click on the "View" text next to the image note.  See below.




By clicking on the view button for the image, we are opening that image in a new browser window. We need to copy this image address, in order to paste it into the document. Click on the new browser window and copy the web address for the image file. See below.




Next, head to the documents tab at the same property record. See below.




Once in the documents tab, select the template or document you want to add the image to.  Then, click the "insert image" button. See below.




Next, paste the image URL into the "Source" text box that appears in the Insert/edit Image window. After pasting the image URL in, you can title the image and adjust the parameters, if you would like. Once finished, click the "ok" button.  See below.




Thats all there is to it! Now you should find your image inserted into the document body. 


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