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How do I add a Bill To Address for a company or property?
1. Locate the company or property you would like to add a billing address for by selecting the Search Feature from the Contacts screen

2. To search for a company or property select the correct drop down from the search screen. To search company name set the field to Company. To search for Property set the field to Property. You can search by any option listed in the drop down.

3. Start typing into the search box to locate the record. Records will populate as you start typing. Once the property or location is found select it to open the record.

4. Once the record is open select the Edit icon in the right-hand menu

5. Select red link under the Bill To Address to enter the billing information

6. Enter the billing information into the text box and select the edit button to save

7. To exit out of edit mode select the Edit icon in the right-hand menu. The new billing information will be displayed. You can set the billing address at the company or property level.



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    Libby Beard

    The Billing address should be populating into the Invoice, but instead, it is staying the same .   

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