FCS Enhancements (March 2021)


ADMINISTRATIVE (0 System Updates)


DEVELOPMENT (0 System Updates)

SALES MODULE (5 System Updates)

New Contact Export Buttons: Two new buttons have been added to the contacts page for exporting the results from the list.

Recommendation Templates Now Displaying Special Characters: Recommendation templates will now display special characters such as &, #, etc.

Filter Search By Group: Results in the global search can now be filtered by group.

Move Companies or Properties: Users can now move properties from one group to another

Qwikbids Displaying Deficiencies Correctly: When adding deficiencies via a mobile Qwikbid, the deficiency name and category data will now show up correctly on the desktop view.

SERVICE MODULE (9 System Updates)
New Warranty Banner on Service Ticket Page: A warranty banner will now display on the desktop service ticket page and in the mobile view of the ticket info when entering a ticket, if the property is under warranty.

Group Snapshot on KPI Report: A Group Snapshot feature has been added to the KPI report that will give a KPI summary for all selected groups.

Payment Remaining Data Added: Users can now pull the amount that is left to be paid on an invoice into a document template (invoice total minus total payments made).

Checkbox Added to Email Invoices: A checkbox has been added to the Send Invoice form to control whether or not to add the logged-in user to the BCC of the email being sent. The form will remember and set the user's previous choice.

Dispatch Board Export Updates: Added the ability to select which columns will populate into the dispatch board excel export.

Opportunity Service Repair Defaults: When creating or changing a Roof Repair Opportunity to sold, all of the selected deficiencies will have their Total Estimated Repair Cost set to the Contract Amount.

Service Email Alerts Sending Properly: Users will no longer receive notifications for service tickets when they are created from the Powerboard if they have the "Service Dispatch Created” notifications turned off.

Unique Invoice IDs for Simultaneous Service Tickets: If two service tickets are created simultaneously, they will no longer share the same invoice ID.

Service Ticket Materials Default Units: When adding materials to a service ticket, if the unit is not provided it will automatically use the default unit.

OPM Reports Now Sending Correctly: Recipients of the OPM daily progress reports will now only receive the email once. It had previously been sent several times.

REPORTING (2 System Updates)
Advanced Billing Report Fixed: The Advanced Billing Report will no longer show up multiple times.

Skymeasure Reports Removed from FCS Direct: The ability to order a Skymeasure report from FCS Direct has been removed.



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