Trouble logging in?

Error Messages at Login Page

"The email/password combination entered is not in the system."

Possible Causes:

  • You may be typing in your email or password incorrectly. Try re-entering both of them, also make sure Caps Lock is off.
  • You may be trying to log into the wrong Portal. Make sure this drop-down is set correctly.


  • Your email or password may have been changed on your account. Contact an Administrator to have them locate your account to verify your email and/or reset your password.
  • If everyone in your company is receiving this error, perhaps your company's account has been disabled. Please contact support for assistance.
"Too many logins, please wait five minutes."

This happens when your account has been accessed too many times in five minutes. You should not receive this error under typical use. If you receive this error, please wait a few minutes and try again. If this problem persists, please contact support.

"Your account is incorrectly configured, please contact your administrator to change your email and/or password."

This typically means that your email and password are the same for multiple users. Have an administrator change your password to a different password.

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    Rick Jones

    Is there a setting that will let you log into the mobile and desktop versions at the same time?  Or not kick you out if you login from either or?

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    Anjani Jonker


    There is not a setting that will allow you to log in the mobile and desktop simultaneously.  If that was possible, it would cause synchronicity issues in the database. 

    For example, if you were on the desktop and tried to edit the property address and you were trying to upload a photo on the mobile to another property, it would confuse the system as to which action you are trying to perform therefore causing a sync issue. The system would not recognize which instance it should follow because it is getting signals to do two items under the same user.  I hope this helps you understand why you are not able to log into the desktop and mobile at the same time.

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