How to Upload a Document to a Customer

How to Upload a Document to a Customer

You can add documents to both the Company and Property level; the types of documents you might want to add include drawings, past bids, Word documents, PDF's, etc.

Step 1

After navigating to a Company/Property, you will need to click on the "Document" icon:


Step 2

The type of document will either be "General" or "Warranty".

Step 3

If you're uploading a document to the Company level, you will need to choose between "All Properties" or an individual Property assigned to that Company:


Step 4

Give your file a name and a description. You can choose if you would like this document to be viewed by your customer through the Client Portal by checking the box "Show in Client Portal". After you have finished setting up your document, click "Add Document";  you can then view it from the Cloud tab:




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