Where Do I Set Up the Activity Goals For Our Sales People?

Where Do I Set Up the Activity Goals For Our Sales People?

This takes place within the users' settings.

Step 1

The user settings can be accessed by selecting "Toolbox", followed by "Admin".


Step 2

Select "User Administration" from the list.


Step 3

The next step is to select "Edit" to the right of the user's name. When the settings page for that user opens, scroll down; on the right side, you will see a section called "Weekly Goals" (if this section is not shown, make sure the user has "On Sales Activity Report" enabled).


Step 4

After you have entered the user's weekly goals, click "Update User" to save the changes.



Step 5

The user will now appear within the "Sales Activity Report" tool (found in the Toolbox), where you can gauge what that user has accomplished during or at the end of each day. 


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