Guide to Groups and Subgroups

Guide to Groups and Subgroups

If your company has ‘Enterprise’ enabled, you can organize your Employees, Companies and Properties into different Groups and Subgroups.  To find out if your company has ‘Enterprise’, ask your Administrator to check their ‘Admin’ tool in their toolbox to see if ‘Manage Groups’ is listed:

If it is not listed and you want to use ‘Enterprise’ features, please have your Administrator contact your FCS Account Manager or


Adding, Editing, Removing Groups/Subgroups

In Toolbox -> Admin -> Manage Groups

To create a Group:  
Select ‘Add a Group’, give the group a name, click ‘Add Group

Clicking on a Group allows you to:

  • Edit Group name
  • Add/Remove Users
  • Remove Group
  • Add Subgroups

(NOTE: When removing a group, if there are any Companies or Properties assigned to that group, a warning will appear to let you know they will be removed from the group.)

Subgroups are created, edited, and removed the same way as Groups, but with more detailed on who is assigned.

Scrolling down below the Group/Subgroup assignment, there are some additional fields which can be further customized per Group/Subgroup.  This includes logos, company and address information, timezone, service priorities and rates, invoice contacts, and custom invoice fields.


Using Groups/Subgroups

Once Groups/Subgroups have been created, the users assigned to those groups will only see Companies and Properties assigned to those groups.  Users NOT assigned to any group, by default will see an unfiltered list of prospects/properties.

To assign a Company/Property to a group or subgroup:

Go to the Company or Property, click on the ‘Groups’ tab, then check the group or subgroup it should belong to.

NOTE: Properties can only be assigned one Group/Subgroup at a time, while Companies can be assigned to multiple different Groups/Subgroups.  If a Company has Properties in different Groups, then make sure to check all of the associated Groups in the Company's 'Groups' tab.

After a Company or Property has been assigned a Group/Subgroup, a group tag will be shown in the breadcrumb navigation.

Users assigned to the Group will only be able to access Groups they are assigned.  If a Company or Property appears to be missing, it would be best to first check with an Admin to see if the proper Group/Subgroup is assigned to both the user and the Company or Property.


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