How do I limit my service dispatch alerts?

How do I limit my service dispatch alerts?

As an account manager, you are set up by default to be copied on all automated service dispatch alerts sent to your customer. You have the ability to turn this off or to customize the ones that you would like to receive. If you are not an administrator, contact your administrator to follow the steps below.

Locate and enter into your admin panel. Once here, select User Administration.

Once here, click on the edit link next to the user's name that you would like to customize. 

Once chosen, locate the alert, "When Service Dispatch Alerts get emailed:" To only be included on the accounts that you are tagged at the account manager, select the "Include me only when I am an Account Manager" option. Once selected, you will have the ability to limit the alerts that you receive (Dispatched, ETA, In Progress, Resolved, Confirmed). You can also select the, "Do not include me" option to opt out of all of the alerts.

You have successfully customized your service dispatch update alerts!

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