How to setup Warranty Work

When Manufacturers (Firestone, Carlisle, etc) give you work, How do you set that up in FCS?

Traditional software systems would have you enter in "Firestone" as a customer, and add in all of the work inside. In FCS we recommend you add in the customer/building as if you were doing business directly with them. Heres an example:

If Firestone has you go out to do a warranty repair for say, Wayne's Bowling Alley, we recommend you add in a company called "Wayne's Bowling LLC" and enter a building inside called "Wayne's Bowling Alley". Firestone should be listed in your system as a Vendor which you can add through the "Vendors" Tab within Contacts.

Next, you should open the Wayne's Bowling Alley property and add in your warranty here, Click the add new document button (on the left of the service dispatch button):

Fill out the warranty fields, and click "add document":

Note: To change the available Terms, see the Warranty Durations section below.

Warranties are stored to the property, and can be accessed through the Service tab as well as the property cloud tab.

As long as you setup these warranties this way Firestone will be come a billing option for work orders:

All work billed to Firestone can be viewed by going to Firestone and looking at the "Service Tab" under the "Dispatch Board"

Warranty Durations

The list of available Terms options can be edited by a system Admin.

Go to Toolbox > Admin > Edit Custom Warranty Durations

Here, you can add, delete and re-order warranty durations. 

We recommend using whole numbers here and not spelled out. i.e. '2 Year' or '6 Months' instead of 'Two Year' or '1/2 Year'. This will make it easier for the system to calculate the proper lifetime of the Warranty.

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