Replacing Aerial Images.

Adding or Replacing an Aerial Image of a Property

The Aerial Image is the bird's eye view of the property which is captured using Google Maps.

Step 1) Navigate to the property, your screen should be similar to this:

If an aerial image has already been captured for this property then it might look like this:

Step 2) Find the “Upload Aerial”, “Capture Aerial” or “Edit Aerial & Section Outlines” text. 


Step 3) If you would like to use Google Maps to capture the aerial image continue with step 4. If you already have an image you would like to use instead of a Google Maps image through the FCS system then continue with Step 3a.

a. If there is not an aerial image in the system yet skip to step 3b. If there is already an aerial image in the system click “Delete Aerial”. This will delete all aerial image data. You will be taken back to the property page once the aerial image has been deleted.

b. Click “Upload Aerial” then click “Choose File”. Browse for the file you want to use and select it.

c. Once you have selected the file click “Update Image”. 

d. You are now finished replacing the aerial image. If you would like to edit the section outlines on the image click “Edit Aerial & Section Outlines”. On the next page make sure “Yes to edit sections” is selected and click “Done”. Now continue with step 6.

Step 4) Click “Capture Aerial” (Image A) or click “Edit Aerial & Section Outlines” (Image B). You will be taken to a page with a Google Maps view of the property you are capturing the aerial for.

Step 5) Use the Google Maps controls or your mouse to zoom and move the view of the map. When the building/property is centered and zoomed as far as possible without cutting any of the building off from the image click “Done” in the top right corner.

Step 6) You will now be taken to the sectioning page. Here you can add and draw out sections of the property by clicking “Add Section” on the bottom right. When you are finished with adding sections or do not intend to add any at this time, click the “Done” button on the top right of the page.


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