Inspection PDF is being emailed

"There are more than 5 sections on this report. The PDF will be emailed to you for your review as soon as it is ready."

Because some inspection reports may have a lot of data, it can take time for the PDF to be created. So we instead have a document queue which create the larger reports so the user does not have to wait a long time without being able to do anything on their mobile device. A link to the completed report will be sent to your email and also appear in the property ‘Notes’ in FCS.

Most reports take under 5 minutes to create, but if you have a lot of sections and photos, it could take longer.  If you are waiting an unusually long time (more than 15 minutes), and you have not received an email with a link to the report, please check in the ‘Notes’ for the property to see if the link is there.

If a link has not been created, then you may need to contact to see if the report is not being processed. There are still some reports which may be too large for the system to process, and will need special attention.


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