How Do I Add a Note to the System?

How Do I Add a Note to the System?

You can add a note to both the Company and Property level. All notes that are added to the Property level will be added to the Company also.

Step 1

The first step is to enter into the Property/Company record that you would like to add the note to. After hitting the Contacts button, select the Search tab and search by the desired criteria.


Step 2

Once you have located & entered the desired record, select the Notes tab.


Step 3

You will then be taken to the following screen. Add a title/description for the note in the "Regarding:" section and place the body of the text within the "Note:" section (notice you also have the ability to add a saved attachment from your desktop).

Step 4

Hit "Add Note" once you are finished and the new note will be timestamped & added to the Notes section for future reference. 





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