Adding an Account Manager to a Company/Property

Adding an Account Manager to a Company/Property

Account Managers can be assigned to Companies and Properties within your system. Much of the FCS System filters/searches by Account Manager, such as Contacts, Opportunities, Dispatches, Searches, etc.

Step 1

To set an Account Manager, you need to navigate to the Company or Property level and toggle into Edit mode:

Step 2

Click "Edit" below the Account Manager text; you can then choose from the list of users in your system that are listed as "Account Managers". Once you've made your selection, click "Update Manager".

Step 3

If you do not see a user in the list you'll need to add them to the Account Manager list, which you can do by editing a user account. Navigate to Toolbox > Admin > User Administration > Select Edit next to the User > Choose this option:


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