Creating a Portal User

How do I create a Portal User?

Prior to creating portal users we do recommend someone in the company be versed in how the client portal works to be able to assist when your customers have any questions.

To create a Portal User Login first locate the Company Record you wish to create the login for. Within, you will notice a tab called Portal Users:

From the Portal Users tab you can edit existing and create new portal accounts. Click Add New User 

Within the Name drop down you can quick select Company and Property contacts which will auto-fill first, last, and email. 

Assign a Password, passwords must contain at least 6 characters, and select the appropriate alerts for Dispatch Updates and Operation Report emails. Next, choose if they are a User or Master Admin. If User, you will select individually the sites you wish for them to be able to access to and if Master Admin, it will automatically grant access to all the properties within this company. Be sure to click Update User when your done to save any changes.

Next, you might want to test the login works by going to your website and logging in if you have the login panel installed. If you do not have the login panel installed on your website see attachment for the html code you can give to your web developer.


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    Tracy Savage

    How would a portal user be disabled and how can I enable? 

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    Raven Jenkins

    I have the portal user added but no properties are listed when he logs in. Thanks for your help!


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