Creating Custom Report Covers

"How can I add a custom report cover to the system to replace the system default options that FCS offers?"

In order to add a custom report cover to the system, it must first be uploaded to the Attachment Library which is found within the Toolbox

You will then select "Report Covers" from the dropdown followed by "Add new file"

The system will then prompt you to title the file. You will then choose "Custom Report Cover" from the "Special Type" dropdown menu. The last step on this screen is to select the PDF file thats been saved to your computer. 

Now that the custom cover has been added to the attachment library, the next step will be to select this option to replace the system default cover page while in the client portal of the property level. 

From here you will select the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. Once this is selected, the report option drop down menus will turn blue and will become editable. Find the "Cover Page" dropdown menu and find the cover you just added (do not forget to hit "update" to save the change). 

Now the next time an inspection report is generated from this property it will pull in your new cover page.


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