My customer cannot access their properties

Why are the property links in my Client's portal not working?

In order for your customer to have access to each of their properties, you must Final Approve each property record. Whenever a new inspection (annual, bi-annual, quarterly) occurs on a property, the property needs to be final approved.  Follow these steps to Final Approve your property record:
*Note: If you would like to remove this approval process, skip to the second set of directions below.

1. Locate the Property in the FCS Core.

2. Enter into the client portal by clicking the 'Client View' button. 

3. Go to Edit Mode by clicking the Gear on the top of the screen (If you are not in edit mode already). 

4. Click on the Submit for Final Approval Link.

5. Once submitted, the property needs to be approved using the Inspection Approval tool located inside of your Toolbox.  

 *NOTE: If you do not have this tool inside of your toolbox, contact an administrator to enable.

6. Locate and Approve the property. 

7. Your property is now accessible to your customer inside of their portal!

Removing the Approval process altogether

NOTE: If you would like your customer to always have access to a property or to all of their properties, you can turn the approval process off. Follow these steps:

1. Locate the Company/Property in the FCS Core.

2. Enter into Edit Mode (Gear Icon).

3. Locate and turn Off the Client View Approval. 

Turning the Client View Approval: Off on the Company level will turn off the approval process for all of the properties within that customer. Turning the Client View Approval: Off on the property level will ONLY turn off the approval process for that property.



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