How can I mark up my materials?

How can I mark up the price on my materials?

To manage your Material Library, you will have to be marked as an "Admin" within your user settings. To get to the list, follow these steps: 

Toolbox > Admin > Edit Default Material list


To change the price individually, select  "edit" to the right of the material you want to change pricing for.


Change the desired price in the "Sell Price Per Unit" field, then make sure and hit the "Update" button.


If you have the "Gross Margin per Invoice" tool enabled, you can also mark up all materials at once. At the bottom of the material list, select "Markup All Materials."



From here, simply add the percentage marked up or marked down you want applied to material list and hit the "Go" button.


Notice* This markup is based off of what the material costs the company. It will not add to the existing markup you may have already entered.


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