Managing Before and After Photos

How can I Add or Delete Before and After Photos?

In order to add or delete before/after photos for service calls, the first thing you must do is locate the specific service ticket the photos belong to.

This process can either be done from your "Dispatch Board" icon:

Or from the "Service" tab, within a Company or Property:

Click on the "Invoice ID" for whichever ticket you are trying to access, and you will be directed to the "Ticket Detail" page. 

Once in the Ticket Detail, you will want to scroll down until you find "Support Documents". 

After locating "Supporting Documents", you will need to click on the red arrow, until it is pointing down. 

Now, you will be able to either: 

  • Rotate the image(s): 
  • Delete existing photos: 
  • Or add new photos:

You will also have the ability to edit text/descriptions associated with these images, by editing the fields to the right of the photo. 


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