How to send a job to production

Once a job is sold, how do I send it to production?

The first step is to mark the opportunity sold on the property level. Once it is marked sold, a check box will appear to the right titled "Send to Production."

Once this has been saved and completed, a new tab titled "Production" will populate on the property level.

Once in the "Production" tab, you can start to set up the project details within the "Daily Progress" tab.



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    Lorie Herman

    how do i add a foreman to a production job when he doesnt appear in the pulldown menu?


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    Julia Hicks

    Has anyone had issues with not being able to update the values? We've tried different variations of the input data, but the only information it saves is the start/end date. The rest of it I.E. title, super, foreman, etc. just clears out as soon as we click "update values".

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    Ross Friedman

    Hello Julie.  Thank you for providing feedback.  I am happy to assist you.  Can we set up a time to review your comments? I would like to set up a screen share so I can see exactly what you are doing.

    Here is my email address.  Please email me and let me know when you are available.  Thank you,

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