OPM not sending

My OPM Report is not getting sent

OPM (online project management) emails are set to be sent daily based upon the time you have specified in the job set up. It will always default at the time you have set within the "Operations Settings" and can be adjusted per job.

Below are 2 rules to ensure daily entries are sent:

  1. The day of work must be entered prior to the send time.
  2. If approval is required, days of work must be approved prior to the send time.

If you view a day of work by going into the Production tab, you can see if your OPM has been sent:

If you miss the send time you can always click the "Send Now" button to manually push it out. If you manually push out an OPM prior to the send time it will NOT be sent at the normal time. The system is only set to release 1 email per day of work.



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