Can I Pull a List of All of My Customers? (Account Manager)

Can I Pull a List of All of My Customers? 

As an account manger, you are able to search your company's CRM for all records that you are assigned as the account manager for.

Step 1

Enter into your Search tool from your contacts page.

Step 2

By default, the search field is set to Company name. Change this to either Property Account Manger or Company Account Manager.

Step 3

Select the name of the account manager that you would like to pull the list for.


Step 4

Once selected, click on the search button to pull your list. After you select the records, you can click on the Excel icon in the upper right hand corner to export the list to Excel (NOTE: not all users have this capability; check with your system administrator to see if you have the "Can Export to Excel" feature). 

You have successfully pulled a list of all of your customers!


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