Attachment Library - Adding Documents ( I.E. Terms & Conditions, PDFs, Etc.)

FCS users may add a multitude of documents (including PDFs) to the Attachment Library which can be added to an inspection report in the system. These PDF's can be things like a signature page, or terms and conditions, for instance.


Start by going to the Toolbox, and select the "Attachment Library" icon.


Once in the Attachment Library, select "Add new File." 


Then, enter a file description, and select what type of document it is. In this example, we will add this document as terms and conditions. Adding a PDF file under the terms and conditions type will automatically place the PDF at the end of the inspection report later when we generate it. These files are then pulled in by alphabetical order. If you have two or more terms and conditions documents, and want them in a specific order, place a "1" in front of the document title you want first, and a "2" in front of the title for the second document, etc. Once you have named the document, select the file using the "Choose File" button, and then hit submit.


After submitting the document, you will know see the documents in the attachment library. 


Next, we need to head to the property record where we have the inspection completed. Once there, head to the client view of the property.


Once in client view, you will now see the two terms and conditions documents we added to the attachment library. Make sure you are in "Edit Mode" by selecting the gear icon at the top of the page.



Next, select the two check boxes next to each terms and conditions, so we can attach it to the inspection report. Once the boxes are checked, click the PDF icon to generate a new inspection report with the terms and conditions added to the end of it.


After the system completes generating the pdf, head to the "Notes" tab of the property record. Here you will find your new inspection report, with the terms and conditions added at the end.


You can then "View Report" and copy the link at the top of the page, and paste into an email to send to your customer. 



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