Creating a 'Documents' Tab Template

You can create standard company documents, or templates, such as reroof proposals, that can be quickly adjusted and sent to your customer. 

To start, locate a document that you want to carry over to FCS. (You can also build a template from scratch, but many times you will start with a previously created text document.)

The carried over document can be a Microsoft Word document, or any other text document that you want to transfer over to FCS as a template.  Formatting can sometimes be an issue with the transferred document, so you may need clear any formatting before pasting the text into the "Documents" tab. You can google search how to clear the formatting for your specific document, if needed.

Copy the desired document, and then head to the "Documents" tab of any property record. Keep in mind, the documents tab has basic functionality, similar to Microsoft Word.



Once at the documents tab, you can paste the document into the body of the document, by clicking "Edit" and then "Paste."




If you want to create your own document from scratch, just start typing and formatting text in the document body.

You can add images to the template, if you would like as well. See this article for inserting an image into the template.

Once you have the template formatted the way you would like, you can click on the gray bar on the left hand side of the document window, to open the templates menu.




Once in the template menu, save your document as a template. 



Once your template is saved, you can open the template at a later date, and make changes to certain parts of the document. Once your changes are made, you can send or save the updated template. 



Creating a template is a fast way to edit standard text for things such as reroof proposals, and quickly relay information to a customer. For a more in depth understanding of the documents tab, check out this webinar on the topic. The part specific to creating and editing templates, begins about 12 minutes into the video. However, the entire video contains great information to review. 





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    Ashten Lorenz

    How do you edit the footer and Company header of the document before you "Save" it? When you save it, it automatically generates the header and footer. Also- How do you add page numbers to the documents? (It doesn't let you preview your work before you save it)

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