Setting & Updating User Profiles in FCS Administration

Setting & Updating User Profiles in FCS Admin

FCS Control has built-in User Profiles that include inherit permissions and roles in the the system. These "User Profiles" provide a certain level of access to various functionality in FCS Control. There are seven default User Profiles:

     1. Administrator

     2. Sales Manager

     3. Sales Person

     4. Service Manager

     5. Technician

     6. Superintendent

     7. Foreman

As a best practice, we suggest allocating default User Profiles to all your licensed users in FCS. From there, you may add additional permissions to individual users in instances where they need access to additional functionality not inherent to their default roles in the system. To set User Profiles, please follow the instructions below:

 Step 1

First, you must be a designated Administrator in the system to have the capability to assign User Profiles. As the Administrator, access the Toolbox in the main menu and select "User Administration". 


Step 2

Next, locate the specific user you wish to modify and click the "Edit" button next to their name.


Step 3

If you have not assigned a "User Profile," the default will list "None." If a "User Profile" was previously selected, it would list one of the seven default "User Profile" types noted above. 



Step 4

Next, click into the blue hyperlink text "None" or any listed prior "User Profile" setting. The system will display a pop-up warning with the following message: "Changing the user profile will reset all user settings, Continue?". Click "OK" to continue. 



Step 5

Once you acknowledge that assigning a "User Profile" or updating an old "User Profile" will reset all previous user settings, you will be able to access a drop down menu with all the default "User Profile" options. Simply select one and click "Update User (WARNING: If you do not click "Update User," your changes will NOT be saved).



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