Operation Settings: Explanation

There are admin features inside of FCS that help you control and optimize you production and operations module.  These settings can be found in Toolbox Admin, by selecting and clicking "Operations Settings" from the list. 


After clicking into Operations Settings, you will see a list of options, beginning with "Default time auto sending OPM." See Below.


Now that you have seen the menu, lets go through what all of these options mean. The first setting is called "Default time auto sending OPM:" 


This setting controls the default time at which automatic OPM (Online Project Management) emails will leave the FCS System. OPM's are emails that will leave the system after each day of work is entered and completed from the mobile version, by a foreman or project manager. This is a global, or system wide, OPM email send time setting. 


The next setting, is called "Default Max# of photos to preview in email:"


This setting refers to the default number of photos in those OPM emails. We recommend 4 or 8 photos.


The next setting is an "Enable OPM Approvals:" checkbox. 


If you would like to enable OPM approvals, you would select this box, making it blue. OPM approvals means daily OPM entries would have to be approved before they are automatically sent out from the system. Approvals would be selected next to each day of work, in daily progress of the production tab.


The next setting is the "Edit prior day OPM entries:" checkbox.


This setting unchecked by default, prevents all of your users from being able to go back to previous days of work, or previous OPM entires, and make changes. If you want to have some users be able to go back and edit prior day OPM entries, you would want to check this box. Further control of this ability to edit previous days of work is then controlled in each individual user's settings.


The next setting is a "Mandatory punch out picture:" checkbox. 


When selected, this setting will require the foreman or project manager to take a picture, in order to punch out the crew at the end of the day. If you do not want them to have to take a picture to punch out the crew at the end of the day, leave that box unchecked.


The next setting is the "Project Start Emails From:" dropdown box.


Selecting a user from this dropdown box will make their email address be the source of the project start emails, that come from the FCS system. Project start emails notify the email list for a project when a production job will start.


The next setting is the "Show in Project Start Emails:" dropdown box. 


When project start emails go out, they will display the number of days until a project starts in a countdown, by selecting "Number of Days." If you would like for project start emails to display a static start date, select "Project Start Date." 


The next setting is the "Finish Date in OPM Emails:" dropdown box. 


The in progress OPM emails that are sent out during the duration of the job, can even either be set to count down to the project finish date by selecting "Number of Days, or show the static end date, by selecting "Project Finish Date."


The next part of Operation Settings, is the "Goals" fields.


Once these goals are populated, they will be displayed on the production dashboard. The combination of these four goals, will populate the 3 gages of "Backlog," "In Progress," and "Completed," in your production dashboard.


This completes the explanation of basic FCS Operations Settings




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