Sales Settings: Explanation

Sales Settings: Explanation

There are admin features inside of FCS that help you control and optimize your sales module.


Step 1

Go to ToolBox >Admin, then select  "Sales Settings" from the list. 


Step 2

After clicking into Sales Settings you will see a list of options, beginning with 'Activity "Object Met" Report Label"' (see below).

Step 3

Now that you have seen the menu, lets go through what all of these options mean. 


Activity "Objective Met" Report Label

This appears in your Action Plan Report, which is part of the Advanced Sales Module.  This report allows you to see how many dials you have to make to create a new opportunity, meeting, etc.  Anytime you select "Objective Met" in an activity it will pull into the Action Plan Report under whatever text you insert here.


On Qwikbid Proposals, say "email this to."

The email address entered here will display on the proposal so your customers know who they can send their signed Qwikbid proposal to.


Opportunities Products Admin

This is where you will add products that will be available for your sales reps to choose from when adding an opportunity.  Select 'Add a new product' to add a product.

Insert the Product Name that will appear when creating an opportunity; selecting 'Can use Operations utility with this Opportunity' will allow you to send the job to the Production Module (if your company uses it) once the opportunity is marked as sold.


Saved Document Templates

This setting will allow you to add a new Document Template.  Document Templates is a word processor where you can create different templates to send out to your customers.  You can create Document Templates on a property record or through the Sales Settings.  If you create a document template through Sales Settings it will be available on the property record and vice versa.    To add a new template select 'Add New Template'


Company Proposal Templates

This is where you can select a default proposal template.  There are three to choose from.  The templates will determine how your proposal is laid out.  You can preview a template simply by clicking on the template.  


Recommendations Templates



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