Adding a Non-Billable Service Technician Helper

Adding a Non-Billable Service Technician Helper

You can add a non billed service helper to FCS, if you have Time Card Master enabled.

Step 1

Go to your ToolBox and click the Time Card Master tool. 


Step 2

Click on the employee you are trying to edit. 


Step 3

Once inside the specific user's Employee Info Profile, you'll need to select a few options to get them configured to be a non-billable helper. Make sure that the "Can Login?", "Account Enabled", and "Only Timecard?" checkboxes are selected (see below for an example).


Step 4

If you want to make this user a non-billable production crew member, then you would also select the "Available for Crews?" checkbox.



Step 5

To make sure the user is set up for service as a non-billable technician, head to the individual's "User Profile" in ToolBox Admin, and make sure they have the "On Serviceman List" checkbox option as well. 



If you do not have access to the Timecard Master tool, please email and provide us with the user name you would like to have set up as non-billable helper.





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