Setting up Company Info within Admin Features

Company Info will provide marketing tools within the reports your organization generates.  Company Info will also set up some of your global settings.  Lets take a look!


Step 1: How to get to Company Info

Lets start by logging in and clicking on the "Toolbox" icon.  Once we are in the toolbox, under Admin Features click on "Company Info".CO_1.png



Step 2: What are your logo options

The top 4 options within Company Info will house your marketing and branding images or logos.  To insert a logo you can click on the "Choose File" which pulls up your local drive or you can drag and drop a logo from your desktop.  Drop the logo directly over the "Choose File" option.  If you successfully add a logo the file name will replace the "No file chosen" indicated by the black arrow below.  Once you click the "Update" button the logo will appear.




Step 3: Save your logos

You must click on the "Update" button to save you logos.  The "Update" button can be found on the bottom left corner of the Company Info record.



Step 4: Example of logos on an Inspection report



Step 5: Add your company info

Please add your company's basic information.  The more information the better.




Step 6: Add your organizations global settings

Add your organizations Terms and Conditions, Payment Terms, Make Checks Payable To:  The language you add to the text boxes will appear on your invoices.

NOTE: Your global settings can be overwritten at the client level and property level.





Step 7: Save all company information

As mentioned in Step 3: you must click on the "Update" button to save all logos and company info


Congratulations! You have successfully added your company's marketing and branding logos, basic company information and global settings.











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