Importing a Material List in Estimate

You are able to import an entire list of materials in the Estimate Module instead of entering in materials one by one.

NOTE: If you decide to use the TYPE feature in your material list, it is advised that you save each TYPE in it's own .csv file and upload individually.

1. In Toolbox Estimate , select the "System Admin" icon to go to your Estimate Settings

2. Select "Manage Materials"

3. Select the "Material Import" icon located to the right

4. The file must be in a .csv format and needs to include the header row exactly as shown below:

5. Select "Choose File"

6. Once you've chosen your file, select "Upload"

7.You will need to choose associations for the rows of content of your .csv file.  Using the drop-downs select the system and the type then select "Continue"

8. Congratulations!  You have successfully imported materials in your Estimate Module!



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