Importing a Material List

Importing a Material List

You are able to import an entire list of materials into your account instead of entering each material one by one.

NOTE: If you decide to use the Groups feature in your Material list, it is advised you set up the groups first and then import a list into a group.  Each GROUP of materials will need to be uploaded in its own .csv file.

Step 1

Go into ToolBox >Admin and select "Edit Default Materials List".

Step 2

Select "Import Materials".

Step 3

Your file needs to be in .csv format and the columns should contain field data in this order: Material Description, Unit, Sell Price per Unit.

Step 4

If using Groups, select the group(s) you want to import this list to.

Step 5

Select "Choose File" and browse for the file on your computer.

Step 5

Once your file is selected, click "Submit".

You will receive the following confirmation message on a successful import:


Congratulations!  You have successfully imported your Materials List.  

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