Importing a Materials List

Importing a Materials List

You are able to import an entire list of materials into your account instead of entering each material one by one.

NOTE: If you decide to use the Groups feature in your Material list, it is advised you set up the groups first and then import a list into a group.

Step 1

Go into ToolBox >Admin and select "Edit Default Materials List".

Step 2

Select "Import Materials".

Step 3

Select "Choose File" to browse to the file containing the list you want to import.


Your file needs to be in .csv format and the columns must contain field data in this order: Material Description, Unit, Sell Price per Unit, Actual Cost per Unit.



Step 4

Select the Category (or Categories) you want to import this list to.


Step 5

If using Groups, select the group(s) you want to import this list to.



Step 6

Once your file is selected and all other choices have been made, click "Submit".


You will receive the following confirmation message on a successful import:


Congratulations!  You have successfully imported your Materials List.  


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