Resetting Auto Fill Data in Google Chrome

Resetting Auto Fill Data in Google Chrome

Sometimes you may need to reset the Auto Fill data in Google Chrome, to remove an older user name or password that may be stored in the browser.

Step 1

Navigate to Google Chrome Settings. Settings can be found in the menu accessed in the upper right corner of the browser, by clicking on the 3 vertical dots. 



Clicking the 3 vertical dots will open up the menu seen below. 


Step 2

After selecting the "Settings" option from the above menu, scroll to the bottom and select "Advanced" to open Advanced Google Chrome Settings.



Step 3

From there, look for the "Passwords and Forms" section.




Using the above two options, clicking into each one will enable you to control or delete your Auto Fill settings and passwords. Once you make edits, we recommend closing down Chrome completely, and then restarting it to continue.


Congratulations -- you now know how to reset your Auto Fill data in Chrome!


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