Optimizing Your FCS Performance

Optimizing Your FCS Performance

Is your FCS running at a slow speed?  This article will help troubleshoot basic issues which may cause slow internet or FCS speed.  Our goal is to increase awareness and knowledge about the FCS application and provide some insight when your FCS is not running optimally.  The article will also provide a basic checklist and references to help your organization troubleshoot in a situation where slow speeds occur.

NOTE: For information about mobile device optimization, please refer to the FCS article "Device Optimization / Mobile App Setup".


If your FCS is experiencing slow speeds, please run through this basic checklist:

  • Check with your IT person if available.
  • Ensure FCS is running on Google Chrome.
  • Ensure Google Chrome is running on the newest version.
  • Are you running too many applications at the same time?
  • If you are running on a wireless network, can you connect to a land line and compare speeds?
  • Is it your device specifically, or are other office and field technicians experiencing the same issue?
  • Can you log into another device and compare speeds?
  • Is your modem and router able to support the amount of active clients on your network at the same time? Have you added more users and/or devices to your network?
  • Check your router settings.
  • Check your network hardware, network connections and network settings.
  • Compare speed/performance on FCS sites to non-FCS sites.
  • Test your internet speeds ( http://www.speedtest.net/ ) and ensure they are inline with your Internet plan.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Do you have the best Internet Service Provider for your area?
  • Please be aware of weather and other potential interferences which can cause a wireless network to slow down its data transmission.  Has your slow internet speed or FCS speed become a chronic issue?
  • How many records are you currently displaying within FCS?
  • Can you notice any common pattern?  Time of day, particular reports or tasks or tools?

NOTE: Please be as specific as possible and provide as much detail as possible when entering tickets into FCS Support.









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