How to Access FCS University

How to Access FCS University

FCS University is a great resource for all associates seeking to gain a more in depth knowledge of FCS.  FCS University contains videos of many modules and tools, displayed in a organized and sequential manner based on roles within FCS such as sales, service, and production.  You can access FCS University anytime you wish, which allows all associates to learn at their own rate in a learning-conducive environment. 

This article will explain step-by-step how to access FCS University for your associates with an FCS login.

Step 1

Login to FCS Desktop and click on the "ToolBox" icon.



Step 2

Click on the "Admin" icon within your ToolBox.

Note: You must have "Admin" privileges in order to provide access to FCS University. 



Step 3

Clicking on the "Admin" icon will open up "Admin Features".  Within "Admin Features", click on "User Administration".



Step 4

At the top of the user admin record, click on "Toolbox Admin". 



Step 5

Within "Toolbox Admin" you will notice a drop-down menu which contains all of your associates' names with an FCS login, an "All On" or "All Off" option to quickly turn on or off all tools for a particular individual at once, and the FCS University tool icon.  

NOTE: If an associate does not have a tool within their ToolBox, it simply means the tool is turned off or greyed-out in "Toolbox Admin".  An example is the FCS University tool demonstrated below in this step.

NOTE: Notice the FCS University icon is greyed-out.  You have the option to turn tools on or off all at once or one tool at a time.  If you wish to turn a particular tool on or off just click on the tool.  The tool's icon will become greyed-out when turned off or red when turned on.  If a tool is greyed-out or turned off, that particular tool will not be accessible to the individual you have chosen from the pull down menu.  


Step 6

To choose an associate for FCS University access, simply click on the pull down menu and choose an associate.


Step 7

Turn on FCS University.


Step 8

You have now provided access to FCS University for a particular associate.  Login to the associate you provided FCS University access to.  Click on the "ToolBox" icon at the top of the record (refer to Step 1 of this article).  You will now see the FCS University tool within the user's ToolBox.  Click on the FCS University tool.


Step 9

Exploring FCS University is very simple; just click on the dropdown menu to the right of the FCS module you wish to learn about.  



Step 10

This will open up the FCS module and list the FCS videos.  Click on the red and white YouTube video icon and you are on your way to becoming an FCS expert!



Congratulations! You have successfully set up FCS University for your associates.







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