Performing Inspections

You can perform detailed roof inspections with FCS Direct. The webinar link below will show you how.


Performing Inspections with FCS Direct. 


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    Stephen Yarbrough

    So I'm in the process of doing an Annual Roof Inspection on a property that I did a year ago. When I go to open the inspection that I just did this year, all I'm seeing is last years. When we're on the roof starting the inspection, it won't allow us to take observation photos. The inspections that we're doing this year have been recently dispatched, so we're starting with a new dispatch. What is the correct way to do these inspections when we go back to the same location for the 2nd and 3rd times?

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    William Douglass

    What are the steps to enter an OPM Report once the job is entered into the system? 

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