Importing Deficiencies Into Your Library

Importing Deficiencies Into Your Library

When performing inspections, Qwikbids, and service, you will choose your deficiencies from a deficiency library.  You can import your deficiencies into your library individually, or by doing a mass import using a .csv template.

Step 1

Go to Toolbox >Admin, then select "Edit Default Deficiency List".

Step 2

To add one deficiency at a time, select "Add a new default deficiency".

Step 3

Select the category the deficiency will belong to and fill in the Deficiency Name, Deficiency Description, Corrective Action, Action Taken (for service module), Unit, and Cost Per Unit, then select "Update".


Step 4

To import an entire list of deficiencies, select "Import Deficiencies".

Step 5

You will need to make sure your list of deficiencies are in a .csv File and contain field data in this order: Deficiency Name, Deficiency, Corrective Action, Action Taken, Unit and Unit Cost.

Step 6

Select the Category you would like to import the .csv file to, then select "Choose File", browse for your file on your computer, then select "Submit".


Congratulations!  You have imported your deficiency library!


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