Changing Section Numbers and Outlines For an Aerial Image

Changing Section Numbers and Outlines For an Aerial Image

The FCS System does allow you to edit section numbers, and change section outlines on an aerial image. You do need to have the user administration setting "Can Replace Property Aerial Image" checkbox turned on to do this.


Step 1

Head to the property record you are trying to change the aerial image for (in the desktop version); once there, make sure you are on the Sections tab.



Step 2

You can change the section numbers from here, under the "Map" Column. Once you make changes to the map numbers, hit "Update Map References."



Step 3

After changing the map number, you will need to update the aerial image to reflect the change. On the right hand side of the screen, you will see some text below the aerial image. The second option in the list is "Edit Aerial & Section Outlines." Click this text in order to change the aerial and adjust the map references.


 It will bring you to the following page:



Step 4

From here, make sure the blue "Yes" text block is selected; this ensures that you are editing the sections and not recapturing the aerial image. 



Step 5

Click the "Next" button in the upper right hand corner. 



Step 6

The next page will ask us to verify which section we are changing. In this example, we will change the "Storage" section from map number 4 to map number 3. Click into the "Storage" section to change the map number on the aerial image. 


The following page asks us to update the sectioning of the Storage section that we are editing. Since we are not actually changing the plots or outlines of this aerial, we are just going to hit "Next" in the upper right hand corner.



If we were changing the section outline of this aerial, we would undo the plot points, using the "undo" button in the lower left of the page. After all the plot points are undone, we would then re-plot the outlines to the desired section outline, and then click the next button. This would update the map numbers and the section outlines.



After clicking next, you will see the map number changed to "3", which is the correct number. You can verify the section name on this page, and move the map number around the image, if you would like. After making the desired changes, hit the "Next" Button again.



After hitting the next button, you can make any other desired changes to section outlines on this page. If you are now satisfied with your edits, you can click the "Done" button on this page, to lock in your changes and exit the aerial image interface. Click done will bring you back the the property record, and should now reflect any changes you have made.





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