Populating the Budget Matrix in Client View Mode

It is possible to set budgetary values in client view mode, which in turn will populate to your customers, in the customer portal.  


To do this, we must first head to the property record that we are trying to set the budget matrix numbers for, and then click the "Client View" icon, in the upper right hand corner of the property page.



Once in client view for the property, we are going to head to the "Budget Matrix" tab. Keep in mind, you must have inspection data and prices populated for deficiencies, in order for values to appear in the budget matrix tab. This is all assuming an inspection has been completed and deficiency pricing has been updated for emergency and remedial repairs.



Once in the budget matrix tab for this record, we are going to want to switch to "Edit Mode" in order to set the budget totals. Click the blue "Edit Mode" text in the upper left corner to do this.




Once you have switched to "Edit Mode," you will now see check boxes next to the Emergency, Remedial, and Replacement numbers, per roof section. Checking any of these boxes will result in those values being displayed to your customer, in the customer portal, once final approved.


Note: If you suggest repairs for the recommendation step during the inspection, only repair values will populate to the budget matrix summary in the customer portal, and if you suggest "Replacement" during the inspection, only the replacement value will display in the budget matrix summary page. 

Make sure and hit "Update" after selecting the checkboxes, to lock in your budget numbers.


Once you have hit update, your selected checkboxes and budget numbers will now populate to the customer portal, once the inspection has been submitted for final approval. You must final approve inspection data for it to ultimately become live in the customer portal. You can see how this is done by reading this article on "Submitting Inspections for Final Approval."





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