Using the Attachment Library

The Attachment Library allows users to upload and store documents that are accessible through emails, reports and proposals.

There are three types of documents that can be uploaded into the attachment library:

  1. General
  2. Report Covers
  3. Terms & Conditions

General Documents

  • General Documents are any type of document your company uses or needs to store.  They can be anything from marketing materials, credit card authorization forms, certificates of insurance, mission statements, training certificates and more!  The possibilities are endless!  These documents can be uploaded to emails and added to templates generated on the Documents tab.

Report Covers

  • Report Covers are documents that your company can add to your inspection reports.  Report Covers can only be added at the front of an inspection report.
  • To view how to add and create custom report covers see this article: Creating Custom Report Covers

Terms & Conditions



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