Time Card Management and Export

The Time Card Master tool will manage all associates who are set up to punch in and out.  The individual can punch themselves in for the day or they can be punched in and out by another team member such as the Foreman.  The tool is designed to capture punch in and out times for the day and for each job.  The Time Card Master administrator will edit, confirm, export data and archive all hours for each individual.  Let us take a look. 


Step 1 Time Card Master: Click on the Time Card Master tool.



Step 1A: The "Employees tab" will be highlighted.  The crew members added to Time Card Master will be listed. 



Step 2 Punch In: Within the "Employees" tab is the "Employee Info" tab highlighted in Blue.  The foreman can click on a crew member and click on the green "Punch In" button.


Step 3 Choose a job: A new window will open providing the option to punch the crew member into a particular job.

Screen_Shot_2018-08-08_at_9.36.30_AM.png Screen_Shot_2018-08-08_at_9.34.28_AM.png


Step 4 Punch Out: When the crew member is done working simply click the red "Punch Out" button.



Step 5: Once the crew member is punched in, click on the "Return to TimeCardMaster" link.




Step 6 Employees Tab: Completing the punch out step takes you back to the "Employees" tab.  Next, click the "Time Card" tab.  



Step 7 Filter & Search: The "Time Card' will list all crew members with project hours.  The list has filter and search functions to efficiently find and process the necessary crew members hours.  



Step 8 Review Time: The next step is to delete-edit-confirm crew member hours.



Step 9 Edit: Choose "edit" to view the details and make changes if necessary.



Step 10 Confirmation: When edits are completed click on the "confirmed" button. Confirmed.png

Note: To batch confirm multiple crew members at one time simply highlight the empty box to the left of the crew members name or to the left of the "Users" column.  Once the appropriate crew members are highlighted click on the batch confirm button. This button is green with a black check mark.



Step 11 Export Data: The Time Card data can easily be exported.  Similar to Step 10, highlight the squares to the left of the crew members and click on the "Export" tool as indicated below.


Note: Example of exported Time Card data.



Step 12 Archive: In order to keep the Time Card tab clean we will archive all crew members which have been confirmed and the data exported. Highlight the boxes to the left of the crew members which have been processed and click on the "Archive" button indicated below. 



Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Time Card Management process!




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