Creating Multiple Invoices on the Same Service Dispatch

If you have a Service Dispatch ticket that needs to get billed to two separate entities, (ex: certain materials get billed to the customer and others get billed to the manufacturer) you will need to create a separate service ticket in order to generate a second invoice.

For this particular example I am going to use my first service ticket to bill to my customer and the second service ticket to bill to my manufacturer.

On the first service ticket, all steps up to the 'Confirmed' status will go as normal.  You will schedule the ticket on the Powerboard and your technician will document the service dispatch.  Once the ticket has been 'Confirmed', you will need to create a second dispatch ticket and move items over to the second invoice.  You will need to make note of the items that need to go on the second invoice (ex: punch in and punch out times for travel and labor, materials, supporting documents, etc.).  This guide will walk you through creating the second ticket.

1. Create a second service ticket on the property

2. Change the status of the ticket from 'Dispatched' to 'Resolved'

3. Add the Supporting documents to the second service ticket. 

NOTE: this may vary by your organization if you want to add all supporting documents or if you only want to add the ones that pertain to this particular invoice.

TIP: you can save the supporting documents from the first service ticket by dragging and dropping onto your desktop, that way it is easy for you to find and upload on the second service ticket

4. Change the status from 'Resolved' to 'Confirmed'

5. Open up 'Client Invoice' and select 'Edit Client Invoice' and add your Travel, Labor, Materials and other items to the service ticket that need to get billed to the Manufacturer.

TIP: take a screen shot of the travel, labor, materials from the first invoice so it is easier for you to transfer information to the second invoice

6. Select 'View Client Invoice' and then 'Send Client Invoice' to generate the second invoice.

7. You will need to go back to your first invoice and delete any supporting documents, time, labor, materials that should not be listed on the first invoice.  You can then generate the first invoice.

8.Congratulations!  You have created two separate invoices from one service dispatch!


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    Libby Beard Beard

    This process works, but is very time consuming.   There should be an enhancement created that give you the option to "duplicate information" which would duplicate both photos and work completed.  Then you could change the criteria for where/who the invoice goes too.    This has to be very time consuming for anyone that sends invoices to both a property mgr. / building owner and say, Firestone Warranty.   I can only imagine what it would be like to have to send to more than 2 invoices.   

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    Anjani Jonker

    Hi Libby!

    We understand this solution can be time-consuming and are always open to suggestions on enhancements or features to help streamline this process.  I will submit a new feature ticket to our product team for consideration on a future release.  Thank you!

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