How to Delete a Warranty

How to Delete a Warranty

At times a warranty could have been created incorrectly or in the wrong property.   Because warranties cannot be edited, they must be deleted and re-created.   

Deleting a warranty is simple to do.  Below we have outlined the necessary steps to delete a warranty and ensure it has been correctly deleted.


Step 1

Warranties are created at the property level of your FCS CRM.  To view the warranty at the property level please click on the "Service" tab below the aerial image.  Once in the service tab, click on the "Service" tab on the left side of the record below RTM.  All current warranties will be housed here in the "Warranty Info" box.  This is where you can see the details of the erroneous warranty we will delete.



Step 2

In order to delete the erroneous warranty, first click on the "Cloud" icon within the property level as shown below.  Next, select and highlight the blue box on the left side of the record.  Finally, simply click on the "delete" option on the right side of the record.


Step 3

Once the warranty has been deleted, go back into the service tab at the property level, click on the service tab within service and check the Warranty Info box to confirm the erroneous warranty has been removed.



Step 4

You can also verify a warranty has been successfully deleted by checking the "Warranty Report"; below are before and after screenshots of the same warranty.

                                       Before the warranty was deleted


                                     After the warranty was deleted


Great Job!  You can now successfully delete a warranty!




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