FCS Production AIA Billing


FCS has the ability to set up, manage, view and send AIA Billing within the FCS production tab.  This article will demonstrate the step by step process to complete AIA billing for your production project.


Step 1: You can locate AIA billing by entering into the "Production" tab and then click on the "Contract" tab on the left side of the record.



Step 2: Setting your AIA billing starts with the grey box in the "Contract" tab.  Follow through the fields and click save when done.



Step 3:  To the left of the grey box are two open fields.  Type in the "Owner" and "County" and click save.Screen_Shot_2018-09-13_3.png


Step 4:  Once your basic fields have been completed you can start creating a "Schedule of Values".  The Schedule of Values will hold as many line items as necessary.  Both fields are mandatory to complete the line item.  For every line item completed, click the "Add" button.  When the Add button is clicked a new line item will appear and so on...


Note: Below is an example of a simplified Schedule of Values.  Please notice the Total should equal the Actual Contract Value. 



Step 5:  At this point, your AIA Billing is set up. We can now "Add Draw" by clicking into the "Billing" tab.



Step 6:  When you click on the "Add Draw" button the "Create Invoice" window will appear.  You will need to fill out the open fields, add a description if necessary and click continue.



Step 7:  When you click continue, FCS will take you to the invoice settings page.  Here you will add the percentages (%) to your Schedule of Values line items.  Once you have added percentages click the "Save Values" button.  You can always go back and edit if necessary.



Step 8:  To view the invoice click on the "View Invoice" button below.  A PDF of the invoice will open.



Step 9:  As the job is finishing up, your percentages (%) will all become 100%.  You will continue to save values and generate invoice PDFs.  



Step 10:  The last draw you will complete will be your "Final Draw".  In order to do so click on and highlight the box labeled (Bill Retainage) and click "Save Values".  



Step 11: As you add draws, a list of draws will be added with the ability to view or edit at any time.  The (Final Draw) will indicate AIA billing has been completed for this project.



Congratulations for completing AIA Billing within FCS!





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