Exporting FCS CRM Data

Situations may arise where you want to export your FCS CRM data.  For example, you may want all your prospects contact information for an email campaign or you may want to export your client's emails addresses and thank them for their business.  Let's dive in and follow the steps below.

Step 1

Ensure your user profile is set up so we have access to the export icon.  The screenshot below shows the "Can Export to Excel" is highlighted in blue. 



Step 2

If you have the export icon as part of your toolbar, then Step 1 is already completed.  The data exported will be determined by the clients you have chosen.  If you want to choose "ALL" clients in your view, click on the box directly to the left of the "Company Name" header within your FCS CRM (as indicated by the before and after screenshots below).  If you want to export data from specific companies, simply click and highlight the box next to the particular companies you wish to export from.




Step 3

Once you have selected the companies you wish to export, click on the Export icon.



Step 4

When the Export icon is clicked, an Excel report will be generated.  The report tab will appear on the bottom left of your screen.  Once the report tab is visible it is ready for you to access.  



Step 5

When you click on the report tab the report will open in Excel.



Step 6

When the report is open you will notice 3 tabs on the bottom left.  Each tab will house either Company, Property, or Contact information.  Click on the corresponding tab to view and edit the data you need.


Congratulations! You are now able to export all your FCS CRM data.



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