Scheduling a Service Ticket for Multiple Days

If you have a service job that will take more than a day to complete, you can schedule a service ticket for multiple days.  This guide will walk you through how to schedule a service ticket for multiple days.

1. Initiate the service ticket as normal via the Service Dispatch button.

2. Once you are ready to assign the ticket on the powerboard, select the ticket on the left and drag it to the day you want to schedule it.

3. Click into the ticket

4. Change the 'Days' field from 1 Day to how many days you anticipate the service dispatch to take then select 'Save'.

5. Once a technician has completed the first day on their ticket (including entering additional labor and materials), instead of hitting the 'Close Dispatch' option, your technician will want to hit the 'back' button until they get to the 'punch out' screen. The technician will select 'punch out'.  See screenshots below.

6. Now that the technician has punched out of the job, the job will remain in an 'In Progress' status because it is scheduled for more than one day.  Your technician will then repeat this process until they are ready to close the ticket out and at that point they will select the 'Close Dispatch' option.


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