How To Delete A "Documents" Template

Each property of your FCS CRM has a "Documents tab".  The functionality of the "Documents tab" allows you to create documents and save as a template for future use.  This article will demonstrate how to delete a saved template within your "Documents tab".


Note: For more information regarding the "Documents tab" please see:

Step 1: Every property has a documents tab.  Within the documents tab, you can set up templates for bids, proposals, email campaigns etc.



Step 2: Saved templates can be accessed from any property but actually housed in your FCS Attachment Library.  First, you click on the "Toolbox" icon and next click on the "Admin" icon indicated by the black arrows below.



Step 3: Once you are in your Admin Features click on "Sales Settings".



Step 4: In Sales Settings click on "Saved Documents Templates".



Step 5: The "Saved Document Template" record will house all of your saved templates.  Your templates will be listed here with options to Edit or Delete at any time.  



You are now able to delete saved templates.  Great Job! 


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